Boost your exports with Multi-language
web presence

English is used by 28.60% of internet users, so 71.40% of searchers don’t know about your English website

Get your web presence in languages used by your prospective customers; be found;
and get new business. Web Sales Global offers three tools to capture Multi lingual business form the web

3 Tools to increase exports…

Direct Industry

Promote your products in Spanish, German, French, Italian & English. Participate in leading online Industrial Exhibition for industrial equipment and components worldwide. Promote your products in Spanish, German, French, Italian & English

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Multi Language Web Site

Capture web traffic from Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese searchers by having your own Multilanguage websites. International SEO from coding level& Human translation will get you more customers from the foreign markets.

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Multi Language Pay Per Click

Launch a Multilanguage Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign targeted to customers located in any part of the world and speaking any language. Instantly get in front of customers searching for your products.

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Top 10 Languages on the internet 2013 –
in millions of users

Source : http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats7.htm

How Web sales Global Can help you to capture the world- see the video

Hi! I am Bhavesh Desai. I am go-to-guy for the engineering companies for the internet marketing . Why? I know both: and know them well. For 17 years, I worked as a sales manager; selling machinery, high value capital equipments to B2B customers.
As a Sales Manager, I realized importance of Multi Language web presence BUT could not find Quick, Effective and Sure solution…. and so born www.websalesglobal.com
Our Mission is to help you to increase exports business with Multi-language web presence.
Read More about new world of web and sales, known as Web Sales and how to find, win and retain the super informed, hyper connected customers……

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