What is web sales trump cards

What is web sales

Any attempt on web to sell, persuade or convince to visitors is an act of web sales. It is applicable to websites, social media, PPC, Email marketing, ecommerce and any other web sales activities.

Web Sales trump cards, to win new age customers on the web.

1) Web Site must sell. (Inspired by David Ogilvy)

Your web site is a piece of commerce and not art. Your web site is your number 1 sales man.

Watch a video explaining 6 rules to create websites that sells.

And following video will show how I create salesman in the air.

2) Don’t make me think – (Thanks Steve Krug)

Visitors have no time to think, wait and work. Give them what they want- fast.

3) Website is hub for all your web sales activities

Visitors will see your presence on portal, social media, you tube channel but will ultimately land on your web site. In the eyes of your customers – your are – what your website shows them.

4) More you tell, more you sell

Consider visitors as prospects standing before you, seeking for information. Give them enough to help them to take decision.

5) Tell the truth, but make truth fascinating

6) In God we trust: all others bring data

Whatever we do, is data driven. And that’s why Analytics is inthe heart of everything we do.

7) Consumers isn’t moron, she is your wife

Respect her time and more importantly, her intelligence.

8) CaventVenditor

Definition from Wikipedia
Caveat venditor is Latin for “let the seller beware.” It is a counter to caveat emptor and suggests that sellers can also be deceived in a market transaction. This forces the seller to take responsibility for the product and discourages sellers from selling products of unreasonable quality.

Last but not least-

We will serve our customers with results and relationship

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