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About Web Sales Agency

Come! Be part of new Web Sales Revolution

We have just started the journey and eager to scale up the operation. Will always have our doors open for the candidates who can deliver delight to the customers.

If you’d like to work for us, send us a short note on how you will be a good fit along with your CV and we will get back to you ASAP.

Hi! I am Bhavesh Desai, founder of Web Sales Agency

Web Sales Agency is the new generation of Ad Agency.

Our business is to increase the business of our customers by using the web. We are growth hackers, marketing technologist, data and grammar obsessed and above all committed to customer’s success by having long term relationship based on consistent results.

Will strive to have an ultimate combination of Art, Copy, Code and Data for customer success.

Web Sales Global is first venture of Web Sales Agency. And plan to have other verticals.

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About Web Sales Global –

First venture of Web Sales Agency. Mission of Web Sales Global is to help companies to capture Multi language business from the web. Explore this site to know more about offerings.

About Web Sales Global

First venture of Web Sales Agency. Mission of Web Sales Global is to help companies to capture Multi language business from the web. Explore this site to know more about offerings.

What opportunities we offer
  1. To learn, experiment and contribute to the success of the customers and company.
  2. To be on top of the B2B internet sell
  3. To horn your entrepreneur skills and participate in company scale up operation.
  4. All round exposure to all things digital- SEO, PPC, CRO, Multi language promotion, Analytics, content creation, website design, website redesign
  5. To become pioneer Web Sales Expert, Marketing technologies and growth hackers.
  6. To grow much faster than your friend, who do link building job at top SEO companies.
  7. And of course a decent, industry comparable salary and benefits.
Our Credo
  1. In God we trust, everything else should be proved by Data.
  2. We are the custodian of customer’s data. He is the owner of data. Data and other information shared by customers with us are confidential and NEVER to be discussed, displayed, shared, in any form with anybody.
  3. We will use the tool which produces the highest result to customers.    
  4. We will be work with the highest transparency within organisation and with the customers.
Only Apply if
  • You want to work with a new agency whose sole mission is to help the customer to increase sales using web. We are a sales organisation; we are new generation of Ad Agency. We are utterly NOT an SEO company. SEO is one of the activities we do.
  • You have understanding of how to use web tools for web sales.
  • Believe in giving the best: and taking the best.
  • Willing to work in a start up, operating from mezzanine office: devoid of all fancy.
Require Attitude
  1. Continuous Learning of new skills, Unlearning of out dated skills and Improvement of skills for better results to the customers.
  2. Desire to deliver the result.
  3. Team working.
  4. Willingness to pass on and teach others what you know the best.
  5. Respect for customers, company and co-worker
  6. Joy in working
  7. Sales man by heart
Skill Set Require
  1. Excellent written and verbal communication skill.
  2. Working proficiency with Google Analytics, Keyword research tools, Web Master Tool, Adword, Yahoo, Bing web master tool and familiarity with A/B/MVT testing tools and procedure.
  3. Familiarity with latest link building method
  4. Technical SEO like SCHEMA, Video and Image promotion, Site map, 301 redirect, Canonical and duplicate pages issues, Google Tag Manager, Multi language website promotion.
  5. Working with wordpress SEO plugin like yoast, All-in-one will be added advantage
  6. Social media and search engine relation.
  7. Strong understanding of working of search engines. And semantic search.
  8. Above all, understand the business of customers and suggest the best internet tool for him to produce outstanding results.
  9. Website design, UX, for higher conversion.
  10. Knowledge of web technologies will be an big added advantage
Candidate profile
  1. Graduate in any filed. Commerce, Arts, Science, Engineering,
  2. Minimum two years of working experience in internet marketing. 
  3. Intern and fresh candidates will be  considered for training assignments


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