Why Web Sales Agency

Why Web Sales Agency?

WIFM – What’s in for me

www.websalesglobal.com is part of Web Sales Agency.

Web Sales Agency is the new generation of web agency, it combines sales ethos demanded by the new age customers with Web technologies which will use to its fullest to find, win and retain the customers. Consultative selling at its best on the web. (Read my belief for web sales )

Mission of Web Sales Agency –

Help customers to sell more using web

www.websalesglobal.com is a product of Web Sales Agency.

Mission of www.websalesglobal.com

Help customers to capture multi language business from the web.
Why Web Sales Agency and Web Sales Global

Hi! I am Bhavesh Desai founder of Web Sales Agency.

Started Web Sales Agency in June-2013, after working as a sales manager for more than 17 years. As a sales manager for engineering companies I was at the forefront of using the web technologies, like Website design, website redesign, blogging, PPC, Analytics, Email marketing etc. With the ever increasing options and complexity of the internet tools and techniques, I was searching for a company-an agency who can act as a surrogate web sales manager to me and allows me to focus on my core job-selling and satisfying the customers. Worked with few big as well as small agency and also worked with self-proclaimed internet, social media champions.

Sadly, none could help me to capture the potential offered by the web. I was same Sales Manager, working in the day to sell and in the night learning ever evolving filed of internet marketing. It was tiring, frustrating experience to cope with developments happening in web as well as sales.

Problems with a Typical SEO companies, Website design companies and Digital agency –

  1. They do not understand my business. For engineering companies it was very essential that agency understand my business, my competitors, my customers and help me to capture the maximum opportunities at the lowest cost and in the shortest possible time.
  2. They are sales blind. They do not accept that job of a web presence is to sell and sell more to the smart customers.
  3. Data blind. Didn’t bother to collect, analysis the data which can helpful in improvement the digital assets. (Litmus test- how many times your web designer, SEO guys or swanky Digital agency has discussed and acted on Google Analytics report?)

Here Comes Web Sales Agency –

A new generation of Advertising Agency.

Web Sales Global belongs to Web Sales Agency. A new generation of Adverting Agency whose sole business is to increase the customers’ business with the help of web.

Why Web Sales – Advantages of Web Sales Agency

  1. Sales driven – We make web works for sales. Meaning, we get more business for you from the web. We handle all web technologies and give you pure leads and business.
  2. No Pain-Only Gain

  3. Data driven – Keep what works and delete what is not
  4. Continuous Learning and Improvement-
  5. “It’s not about being the best. It’s about being better than you were yesterday”

    We are compulsive learner, so we can deliver improved result every day. Every webpage, campaign can be improved for the better returns.

  6. Complete Web Sales Solution.

We have started with www.websalesglobal.com to help customers to capture Multi-language business from the web.

We will expand our offer very soon.

Read My Web Sales Beliefs – (Driving force in Web sales agency)

Call or email us, we will be more than happy to help you to get more business for you from the web.