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Get more Business with Multi-language websites

Do you know only 27% of Internet users all over the world uses English as their language on internet?

That means 73% of internet user uses other than English Languages to search on the net?

They don’t know and will never know, you and your company

And you are missing their business!!!!!

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Internet users by language-


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For Business to Business customers, South America, Europe and Middle East is the priority markets after North America.

How you can capture inquiries from non-English customer?

By having your website or content in their languages.

If you have Spanish language website anybody searching for your products in Spanish will have an opportunity to come across your Spanish website. FYI- Spanish is not only spoken in Spain. It third most popular language on web after English and Chinese.Spanish is used by 7 % of internet users worldwide. And that’s turn out to be 220 million internet users worldwide.

Spanish is official language in 22 countries, view more detail on

Similarly, Arabic, Portuguese, German languages is used by millions of users on internet.

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