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Book your stand in Industrial, B2B online exhibition:  Promote your stand in Spanish, German, French, and Italian and of course English!Your exhibition stand will work 24 x 7 and will attract the visitors using English Spanish, German, French, and Italian languages.

Type of Direct Industry Online Stand Membership, Select most suitable membership for your requirement-

FAQ for online stand booking type of Membership for online exhibition –

Why you have four different types of Booth membership

Actually two primary type of membership is offered; VISIBILITY MEMBERSHIP & STANDARD MEMBERSHIP. It is further expanded into two more type of membership. Click here to view example of Visibility membership booth click here and for Standard Membership click here

Both the membership has two options: For the companies who can sell their products worldwide can select either Visibility or Standard membership and avail global promotion of their online exhibition booth. And the companies, who don’t have regulatory approval to sell in EU & the UK, can opt for any one of the membership which will promote their products to the whole world - EXCLUDING EU & the EK. From above table please click on example of Visibility and Standard booth.

Main difference- Visibility Membership will have your own banner on their stall as well as products pages. While in Standard booth- Banner will be of any other advertisers.

(EU-EK and Non-EU-EK type of memberships are only available for India)

Do you have only two type of membership

DI has few more specialized global promotions and branding solutions. Please contact us to know more.

How and what will be translated?

Any membership you buy, the offered charges includes manual translation of every keywords (products definition). Title, Meta description and keywords elements on each page will also be manual translated in five languages.
Descriptive text of the page will be in English with option of machine translation, similar to google translation. Text will be provided by exhibitors and can also be taken from their English Website.

What if I want all content, descriptive text, to be human translated?

Direct Industry also offers translation service for descriptive text at Euro 40 per page/ per language. All translation will be done by Engineers-native speakers.

What is duration of the booth membership? Or how much time exhibition lasts?

One year

What type of support is given by Web Sales Agency (WSG)?

WSG offers pre and post-sales support. We will help you to identify most relevant business keywords, coordinating with Direct Industry for the perfect implementation of online booth, post launch monitoring of Direct Industry Analytics for customers stall and exploring the ways to increase the ROI for the customers.