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Promote your web presence in Spanish, German, French, Italian and English… and get new business.

Multi language web presence

Get in front of 400 million plus- new- searchers – (Which Includes your prospective customers )

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Start selling your products in Spanish, German, French, and Italian in 15 days! is the leading online Industrial Exhibition for industrial equipment and components worldwide and promotes your products in 5 languages. will set up your online exhibition booth in Spanish, German, French, Italian, and English.

It will put your business in front of 400 million plus internet users using Spanish, German, French, and Italian languages while searching on the web.

In addition to it, it will also be shown to searchers searching in English.

Web Sales Global is a partner of in India

DirectIndustry enable manufacturers to promote products in five languages Spanish, German, French, Italian, and English.

And it’s not a small number!!

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Call Bhavesh on 9167019155, we help Indian customer to get the best from Figures at a glance

Multi language web presence

Visitors by geographical location

Multi language web presence

Audience by sector of activity

Multi language web presence

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Your needs – Our Global Marketing Solutions –

Web Sales Global will help you to set up your virtual exhibition stall on

Advantages of

  • Most cost effective and speedy option to promote your products in 5 laguages and reaching hitherto untouched market. Get more business.
  • Up and running your booth on within 15 days from.
  • Engineers will translate your keywords and important text. ( No machine translation) Assures most effective communication and higher ranking in google search
  • Saves substantial time and cost involved with translation and making and promoting websites in four non-English languages
  • Backlink to your main site will help you to get higher ranking of main site also
  • Unlimited products, videos, and catalog
  • Monthly analytics report to know what’s happening on your booth
  • Yearly contract, No long term commitment
  • Local pre sales, post-sales support and service In India by Web Sale Agency, Mumbai

FAQ about

I am not a manufacturer can I book a booth on

Only manufacturer can book the booth on And subject to exhibitions profile approved by quality team of Direct Industry.

I don’t have website in English

You need an English Web presence. Call us to know more.

I am already having sites in Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian

Great. Your presence on will be a separate campaign and will produce additional inquiries. Both can work in tandem with each other and visitors from direct industry can be diverted to your website.

Do you take care of communication with prospective customers once I received the lead?

No. It should be managed by customers. We can help you by suggesting a translator who can work with you.

How many products you allow allow unlimited products, catalog, video, news and exhibition updates on your booth.

I want my website in Arabic, Japanese, Chinese

Click here or call us.

I don’t want German and Italian languages option is a global marketing solution and it has been designed after considering the need of the international sellers. DI membership is consisting of your company web presence in five languages and we offer all.

How much time does it take to complete the work?

15 days.

What kind of monthly reporting you provide?

Direct Industry provides the most comprehensive online and monthly reporting.It consist of page view per month, visitors, lead generated, catalog download, video played and other important matrix.

What are charges of online stall booking on

Please click here to know details