Creating Multilanguage Website

Create Multilanguage website.
Follow best practices of International SEO

Multi language web presence

English is used by 27% of internet users, so 78% of searchers don’t know about your English

Get your web presence in languages used by your prospective customers; be found; and get new business.

We help you to create your Multilanguage website by-

  1. Extensive keywords research in targeted languages.
  2. Work with the translator to translate English web content to language of your choice. Special attention is paid for the localization of the content and keywords and not merely translation.
  3. Decide Domain strategy. (Should you buy or should you go with or
  4. Handling of Duplicate content issue.
  5. Design User friendly- conversation focused- mobile friendly website. It can be designed in WordPress, html 5, CSS 3 or any CMS of your choice.
  6. Spoon-feed developer to implement international SEO signals at the coding level. It will help site to surge ahead in the ranking; in shortest possible time.
  7. Set up Google Analytics and Web master tool to monitor and improve the performance of the site.
  8. Basic linking activities
  9. Option to engage us for the post website launch for the improvement of the website based on the result received.

Not Sure? Too Good to believe?

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FAQ about

I am having Google Translator on my website, still I need a multi-language website

Sure you need a multi language website. Google translate will help the visitors landed on your site to translate the text in their choice of language. But your non English website will not be “stored” in Google database. For example- if you are a manufacturer of Auto rickshaw and focusing on Thailand as the main market. A searcher from Thailand searches in English, with keyword Rickshaw manufacturers will bring your English site in search results. And if searcher wants to read your website’s content in Thai language, she can select Thai language from Google Translate and read the content in Thai.
But, if searcher searches for รถตุ๊กตุ๊กของผู้ผลิต(tuktuk manufacturer) your English Website will not be displayed in search results… and you will miss the opportunity to sell.

How to identify market for my products in targeted countries or languages?

You are the best judge for your products. Your experience and insight for your business can be supported by free keywords research tools like Google Keywords planner, Ubbersuggest and other paid tools also. You can find monthly searches happening within targeted countries or with targeted languages. These will give you fair idea about hidden opportunities.

I want to target same language, different countries, is it possible?

Yes, it is very much possible; albeit with little care and caution. Same language, different countries situation can best handle with the help of ccTLD, hreflang, web master tool and other international SEO best practices.

How keywords research is done for other languages, such as Spanish, Arabic?

Multi language keywords research is part art, part science. With the help of keywords research tools, translators, customer’s feedback and equally important- dissecting competitor’s multi language presence will delivered a list of keywords, which will attract the qualified traffic, genuine leads and dominating positions within search results page.

What so special about international SEO and what is your value addition?

We need to inform Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines about exact goal and objective of the webpage. Prefect marking of each web pages with signals as understand by search engines is the most important for success of multi language websites. Various signals such as ccTLD, rel=hreflang, Google web masters tool, language meta tag, site map submission, will help search engines to show your site to the searches most likely to click and convert.

Do you offer post launch support?

Regular contracts ends with the launch of websites and once Google Analytics, web master tools start fetching the data from the new sites. We can offer post launch services at additional charges. Services will include, monitoring the key performance indicators and tweaking the sites content to match the searchers intent. Every project has unique post launch activities demands and we can tailored our offer to suit your requirement .

Who will translate my content?

It will be done manually and not machine translation.

Do you make Multilanguage websites for B2B Customers only?

Yes we only work with B2B companies. Such as machinery manufacturer, process plants and equipments manufacturers, chemicals manufacturers etc.

Do you create cross countries Multilanguage ecommerce portal?

Sorry, at the moment we are not doing cross countries Multilanguage ecommerce portal.

Do you take only translation job?

No. We are an International SEO expert and we help companies to capture Multilanguage business from the web. Translation is important ingredient for us not the final dish.